Need Help Setting up AP with Linksys router.

  • MY SETUP: nic 1-WAN nic 2 LAN nic 3 WiFi nic4 op1

    I have another gigabit nic i want to use to run a cat 6 cable to the upper floor and connect to my old router for an access point, I dont know how to configure this on pfsense and i dont know how to setup the router to be an access point.

    I want to use my 4th nic for the access point, I dont necessarily want to fill up my switch.

    Should I just plug the AP into the switch or can I use 4th NIC? How Do i setup a router for AP mode? How do configure an Access Point on pfsense?

    Ps. I have a wifi network card that i use for wifi in that area of the house.

    any help is appreciated .

  • As for setting up your old router as an AP most routers have a way to set that up in their web interface just google for your specific router and you'll be able to find something.

    As for using it with pfSense you can just plug the AP into your switch and it will work okay. I've been using that as a set up for about a month now. However I see slower speeds on the WiFi than I used.

    I believe if you cable the AP into opt1 NIC as long as you have pfSense set up to use that interface it should work better than just plugging the AP into the switch. I'm actually going to set this up later when I have time to take a spare NIC out of another computer I have.

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