Multiple users behind the same official ip.. possible?

  • Hello!

    i have read that connecting multiple users behind the same remote offcial ip
    to a PPTP-Server is not possible without a special proxy software (is it done btw?).

    i want to know if this is the same with ovpn? And if yes, if there is any solution
    with pfSense.

    5 Users at customer A want to connect to home office (pfSense) at the same time with
    the same offcial ip-address. Possible?

    many thanks

  • i think yes. because the clients use as source port something random –> the server can differ the clients.

  • OpenVPN does not have the same problems that PPTP has with pfSense (and many other firewalls). One of the nice things about OpenVPN is it's very firewall friendly.

  • Yes you can do it i have it set and running right now i *think

    set up a test and let it rip

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