CP System reached maximum login capacity

  • I have a captive portal with release 2.1. Suddenly the captive portal gives me the following message "System Login reached maximum capacity"
    In the past, has already achieved very superriori numbers and more time passes the more this limit decreases

  • I'm solved the problem deleting the file captiveportaldn.rule

  • What was the limit. I could do with preempting this.


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    That happens when the captiveportal.inc function captiveportal_get_next_dn_ruleno() returns empty or is_null (the test is different in two different places.  Strange.)

    Sounds like your ipfw was out of pipes.  Not sure what the limit is.  64K?  32K?

    If it does it again you can:

    ipfw -x cpname list

    to see what the portal was doing.  You can use:

    ipfw_context -l

    To get a list of cpnames and the interfaces to which they are attached.

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