OpenVPN and pfSense as a transparent bridge

  • I've been trying to set OpenVPN up on my pfSense 2.1 box which is currently running as a transparent bridge.

    WAN–-----pfSense (Public IP) -----PC 0 (Public IP)
                                    |----------------PC 1 (Public IP)

    I have the WAN and the two interfaces bridged, using the tutorial over at

    I also have a manual NAT rule created on the OpenVPN interface with a source of the OpenVPN CIDR to be NATted as the OpenVPN address.

    I have openVPN configured but am unable to access PC0 or PC1 over the VPN. I have the firewall logs up on a different machine and I can't see any traffic coming over the pfSense interface IP.

    openVPN is configured to push a route to the public IP's subnet and the rule is created successfully.

    Where should I start looking?


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