Pass-Through MAC low performance

  • I am using pfsense 2.0.1 AMD64 on server DL360 with 8G RAM.
    I use the captive portal with Pass-Through MAC property to make clients access the internet.
    when the table has 3000 MAC address or less , the internet is very good and the performance of the server is very good.
    when the number goes over 3000 gradually then the situation become bad , when it reach 7000 then it will be very bad.
    the CPU load is normal , and the Memory load is normal also.
    the situation still bad untill i delete all mac addresses from pass-through of captive portal web page .

    can you help me please ..

  • i'm not able to provide an answer to your question, but i have a question of my own ….
    why are you putting half the planet in your pass-through mac list in the first place?

  • This server provide internet for wireless users in the campus of the university , so i don't need users to put login information every time they try to go online .

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