Captive portal and wifi routers

  • hello, i'm a newbie. so i had a basic setup of pfsense.
    i had a pfsense running in an old pc in a small office. wan connected to nic1, lan to nic2. so basically, all computers and routers are connected to lan switch. ive connected a wifi router cisco linksys ea3500 to the lan. it's running as it should. used traffic shaper with the wifi. works fine.
    now, problem runs when i add captive portal. computers at lan get authenticated per mac. problems with wifi routers, the only mac address that pfsense captures was the mac of the wifi router. so certainly, if one device connects to the wifi, a captive portal page will be shown, after that, the next devices will pass the portal. cause it only captures the routers mac. not the devices.
    how can i enable that all per devices that connects to that wifi router will be directed to the portal? how can pfsense be able to capture those devices macs? please help.

  • I would set that router up as an AP you are currently double NATing.

    On the linksys
    Turn off DHCP
    Assign an IP to the LAN in your subnet so you can get back in and manage it later.
    Plug the linksys to your network using one of the LAN ports not the WAN.
    Now you linksys is an AP and 4 port switch.

    I just worked with a netgear that had a wizard that turned the router into an AP

  • same problem of mine, im using tenda w311r+ , this is my setup
    isp>>pfsense>>switchhub>>wifi router.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Don't put your wifi users behind routers. Put them behind access points (bridges) so the captive portal sees both the client MAC address and IP address.

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