Can't access webgui with vmxnet3

  • I need some help with accessing my webconfigurator. Installation went perfectly normal, then I installed vmware-tools as described here. Assigned iterfaces vmx3f0 (dhcp) and vmx3f1 (LAN, static) their IP addresses, everything works just perfect, except… I can't access web gui.
    Basically, I have the same problem as this guy, but if I do my inerface assignment from begining, i lose connectivity.
    It has been over a year since this fellow had his problem and it's still not fixed?
    Any input would be greatly appreciated!

  • I have the same issue. WebGUI can be reached but takes over 20mins to load anything… thats broken.

    Had to switch from e1000 to vmxnet3 because upload speeds were horribly slow on e1000.

    Anyone knows how to solve this issue?

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    I am running vmxnet3 without any issue.  web gui taking long time to load is quite often a dns problem.

    Those inst dated and prob not working ;)  Here are great instructions that work

    Need to update the doc to match these.

    edit: Ok fixed up those instructions..

  • I dont think DNS is the issue here, was working fine with the e1000.

    Also, vmxnet3 works just fine on my 2 other adapters. If I set the LAN interface as vmxnet3, then I will get the slow webgui issue but all the rest is working fine.

    So for now I set both WAN interface as vmxnet3 to fix the upload problems I had and kept the LAN interface as e1000 (em0) as a workaround the the slow webgui issue.

    Settings are fine (vmx3f1 is LAN)

    This was taken from a VM snapshot known to have the issue. If you believe DNS is the problem, what could explain it suddenly stopped working when switched from e1000 to vmxnet3?

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    Out of curiosity why are you running a ULA on 3f1?  at fd96 is a ULA, do you have other ULA segments your routing too? Are you having problems with ipv6 maybe another part to the problem?

  • Was just a temporary local solution before I got IPv6 tunnel working (last night!). So now I use whatever range was provided by instead of what you see above :)

    I did have an issue with DNS resolver within my LAN because I forgot to enable router advertisement in pfsense but then again, issue was with or with vmxnet3 interface so I doubt its related with the slow webgui problem.

    I dont mind troubleshooting but i'm quite sure where to look for traces of that particular issue :(

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    Well like I said - I use vmx3 on all my interfaces on 2.1.5 i386 pfsense - and the only time I have seen the gui take any length of time to come up is when there is a dns issue, and it having problems resolving to check if current versions.  You could try turning that off to see if you still see the problem.

    I can not think of anything that would cause a problem with slow webgui based upon what nic pfsense is using be it e1000 or vmx3, etc.

  • Disabled that option and switched interface to vmxnet3 on LAN and still cant load the webgui… SSH will connect just fine however.

    I think for now i'll leave it as e1000 since its working as expected.

    I just find it to be an odd trouble for which I can't find an explanation :(

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    can not load - or just takes long time to load?

  • It will load but cant take something like 30 mins.  :-\