OpenVPN failover and DynDNS update

  • Hi guys

    I was browsing the forum a lot but i couldn't find anything suitable.
    The scenario is very simple, however i'm not sure if it's possible to achieve that.

    I have my pfsense which is a client to 2 different VPN servers (some forwarding rules there etc.), so basically i have (let's call it) 2 external IP addresses.
    Right now, if one VPN goes down, i need to manually login to my dyndns account and change my host's IP address to the second VPN server so users can still connect. I'm not always at the computer, so sometimes it takes time.

    What I am looking to do is:
    my dyndns host will use IP address of the first VPN server, as soon as first VPN connection goes down I want pfsense to pick it up and notify dyndns about IP change, so my dyndns domain gets IP address of the second VPN server, therefor users will have only few seconds of downtime.

    I don't think this is possible to achieve with pfsense only and we might need to have some scripts setup on the server itself but maybe somebody got some kind of similar results before.

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