Pfs running on vbox, can't get dhcp, discovered attack. HELP!

  • Hi, I am running pfs box for several months now with no problem but 3 days ago something weird happened. I just can't pull a DHCP IP to be assigned in my wifi antenna. I only get 169 IP.

    When I checked my vbox I found this (pls see attachment). It seems like a hacker has been attacking my box via the captive portal and everytime they attact my pfs box, it seems the dhcp stops giving out IP.

    Please somebody point me the right direction. My host machine is win8 pro.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It's not likely being hacked. It's probably just a browser trying to post form data to a site but getting redirected to captive portal. It's not likely related to any other thing you're seeing.

    The DHCP logs might have better information about what could be happening to the DHCP service.

  • It's a relief knowing that its not really an attack. l'll post the dhcp logs.

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