WebGui stopped workinng/ Port 443 closed

  • Dear all,
    I have the problem that I can't access the webgui anymore. The box was running for over a year now and I had no problems. But suddenly I could not access the webgui. There were no configuration changes preceding this event. I am still able to access via ssh. I noticed that port 443 is closed. I that is the source of the problem, but I do not know why it is closed and how to open it again. Logs showing nothing suspicious.

    What I did so fare to locate the error:

    • Disabled firwall via pfctl -d to discard
    • Restart webConfigurator
    • Reset interface IP adress

    I did not restarted the system yet, because I want to avoid the downtime.

    Thanks for any help.

  • I resolved the problem.
    This worked:
    killall -9 php
    killall -9 lighttpd

    It seems that the build-in Option 11) of restarting the webConfigurator did not work as expected.