Configure php in pfsesne

  • Hi

    I using pfsense 2.0.1
    I wanna add extensions and "Pear" to my php, but i cant find it's configurations!!
    i cannot find /etc/php5/ or /usr/local/etc/php5/ directory

    moreever when i installing a new version of php5 or installin php5-gd, my insterfaces going down, and after rebooting pfsense server i havent access to my pfsense!

    tnx :)

  • Hi there.

    Why using an old pfSEnse version ? You aren't worried about the new security issues that ware solved when 2.1 came out ?
    Update first - PHP will be updated also.

    pfSense is NOT a OS where you can install/modify on easily. It's a firewall (among others) and should be used as such. It's NOT a dev platform. Support for that kind of setups is hard to find.

    On the other hand, installing pear of whatever is possible.
    FreeBSD knowledge is needed.

    Please note that you setup goes 'off standard' and that simply updating it isn't an easy job any more.

  • re-installing the PHP might fix this issue.

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