OpenVPN and Application Proxy that checks for HTTPS

  • Hello,

    i have another question which i could find no answer on google.

    I have to install a openvpn pfsense for a company ("A"), which
    has employees in a different customer company ("B"). The problem
    is, that customers B network security is very tight, only port 80
    and 443 are passed through the application proxy. So my question:
    Is there a chance, that the proxy will accept ovpn traffic, if only https
    is allowed? Or can i configure ovpn to use SSL in a way that it looks like
    https traffic and will not be filtered?

    I heard about other (commercial) "SSL-VPN" implementations which can be
    used in that way, but i want to use pfsense if possible.

    I am sure other ppl had the same problem with restrictive customer
    networks too, i hope somebody can tell me from experience what
    would be the best solution.

    Important: The customer won't accept site2site tunnels or any
    configuration change on their firewalls.


  • Yes you can set the openVPN server to port 443 and setup a Public Key Infrastructure.
    The proxy will accept it as normal https traffic.
    I'm using this right now to get through our very very restrictive university network.

  • many thanks :)

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