Network setting on Vmware workstation

  • I want to emulate 2 ISP connection on vmware workstation and create a load balancing on pfsense. How I do?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    For testing purposes, or production?

    For Multi-WAN testing I have used a setup before in Workstation where one "WAN" was set to a bridged NIC and the other to VMWare Workstation's NAT segment. They both looked like different WANs to the OS, even though they were (effectively) connected to the same upstream.

  • Thanks for your answer. It's work fine. Now for testing purpose but I want to move for production. I have this problem to resolve. I have only a not good wifi connection and I want to subscribe a second wifi connection to create a load balancing and a fault tolerance. If is possible a want to create a binding connection but I read that is no possible with pfsense actually.

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