[Solved] Win 8 box won't connect on wireless; others do fine

  • My firewall is pfsense 2.1 on an Intel D510MO; the wireless card is "ral0", and I am running WPA2/AES. I have that interface set to use 802.11g only.

    The box that won't connect is a Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 11S running Win 8.0; the wireless is an RTL8723A. It works on the old linksys router, a WRT54G.

    I have other machines that connect fine: Two Win 7 boxes, an old Dell Mini 9 running Puppy Linux, and a Lenovo G780 running Lubuntu 13.10.

    I have gone through the Win 8 wireless troubleshooter but no result. I enter the password and it simply fails to connect. The system logs show nothing very interesting, although the WLAN Extensibility Module stopped and restarted a few times.

    My searches in this forum and on the internet generally were fruitless. This box does not have ethernet so I can't try connecting that way, but I might be able to use a USB-to-ethernet adapter; however that won't solve my main problem.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.


    I had an Ooma Teleo box (an ip phone device) hooked up in front of the router as the Ooma docs suggest. For another reason I decided to put it behind the router, and lo and behold, not only did I fix that problem, but now the Win 8 box connected up properly. Don't ask me why…

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