Pfs configured with static IP connection, no internet on LAN, why?

  • hi,

    I am running my pfs via VirtualBox. my internet source is ADSL DHCP. All things working not until I availed a leased line that comes with a static IP.

    So via setup wizard, I set up the pfs WAN using the static IP config from the ISP. I also configured the host tcp/ip with the static IP. (I was given 4 public IPs)

    My host machine does have an internet. I can browse. When I run pfs via virtualbox, I can enter the GUI and can see the WAN configured with static ip. The question is there was no internet coming out from the LAN (of pfs) but when I returned the pfs WAN config to dhcp from the ADSL, it works well.

    i think i missed something. pls help.

  • I have found the erorr/ I am not able to configure my pfsbox with my lease-line internet!

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