Can't open GUI anymore, is there any run around

  • Guys! I need help. I think I have enter some misconfi via GUI and when I saved it and restarted it, I started to have no access to GUI any more. Is there any way to ssh command to undo the most previous configuration? or is there another way toload or access the GUI log in page?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you are on 2.1, then from ssh or the console you can use option 15 to go back to a previous configuration file.

    Many other ideas for getting back into the GUI here:,_help!

  • hi jimp,

    I need help on clearing out the WAN configuration in my web GUI. I can no longer access the GUI page itself. It is not that I dont know my log in credential but the webGUI doesnt load at all. I don.t know why.

    I already tried to disconnect th WAN connection from the router but still i cant access the GUI page via LAN IP.

    This problem started when I decided to configure the pfbox WAN interface as static. When I saved the configuration, there I can no longer launch and access the GUI page.

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