Change Gateway Name

  • Hi, I would like to change a gateway name but the GUI won't let me do it.
    Looks like the name is linked when you assign the gateway to an interface, but I think it should let me change it if I unassign it first and then make the changes.

    Sorry my poor english

  • It won't let you change the name - that is referenced in the config by quite a few things and there is currently no code to update all the references cleanly. I suspect you will have to:

    1. Have a good backup
    2. Set the WANn interface gateway to none (this will break your internet access on the WAN concerned)
    3. Delete the gateway
    4. Add a new gateway with the name you want, pointing to the same IP address of the old gateway
    5. Select the new gateway on the WANn interface

    I can't think of another really clean way to do it, because you can't create the new gateway while the old one exists - the system will likely complain that the gateway IP is already in use on the old gateway.

  • Thank you for your reply @phil.davis, actually this was a suggestion more than an issue (I should have mentioned that before ^^).
    I know it's linked with the xml configuration file, but it has to be possible setting the WAN gateway to none.

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