Communication between OpenVPN clients. Problem…

  • Hi All. I need help:
    We have 2 offices connected through OpenVPN PSK

    Main ofice  ( OpenVPN server < – (vpn tunnel -->  OpenVPN client Branch ofice (

    from branch office I can access to server lan, and from main office I can access to client lan. All works fine. And now i need to connect from my notebook main office and get access to both networks. Is it possible? I created new instance of OpenVPN PSK server  in main office (vpn tunnel After connect from notebook

    dev tun
    proto udp
    cipher BF-CBC
    auth SHA1
    resolv-retry infinite
    remote X.X.X.X 1196
    keepalive 10 60
    secret Router-udp-1196.secret

    I have access to server lan ( but can not connect to branch office lan.

    in pfsence routes in main office present // route to branch office

    in notebook routes present
    net - mask - gw - if  (its work, net avalible )
    net - mask - gw - if  (its not work, net not avalible )

    a can ping from notebook.

    tracert is finesed on ...

    what can I do to access to network of branch office?

    Sorry for my english ...

  • I created new instance of OpenVPN PSK server  in main office (vpn tunnel

    but then the config has:


    Is it 101 or 102? Anyway, make sure that is done the same everywhere.
    The config also has only this route:


    So I do not see how you are getting the route to, which is to main office and works!?
    But the notebook routes are good, so what you finally have on the notebook is probably OK.
    Branch office will need to know that the OpenVPN link to main office is also a route to the notebook VPN subnet. In the Branch office OpenVPN Remote Networks box, put both remote networks separated by comma. Something like:,

    Maybe that will be enough clues to help?

  • Thank your !
    After I added to remote networks in branch office,  all working fine!

    102 addres - it was my error while i write this message.

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