CP Users replication !!

  • Hey guys,
    I have been trying to replicate logged in active users in between multiple CP's.
    My setup is, CP at different locations, airports, user logs in at airport A, takes the plane goes to airport B, needs to login again.
    I am using freeradius for authentication on the same box, meaning CP authentication radius to, Local radius talking to RODC LDAP local at site, users get replicated from DC to RODC trough VPN link.
    Is there a way i can replicate a logged in user from site A to site B, C, D etc..?
    If no, what are my choices?

    P.S. Using latest version 2.1

  • Found this other post on same subject, and a few others on the archived, none of them as ever been answered…
    Is this a Tabu subject?

    http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,61246.msg330140.html#msg330140 *** 511 *** read's no reply's

    Pretty sure this is the king of feature a lot of WISP's would be looking for.
    I might have to do an external app to be able to achieve this, but PfSense already can replicate configs, why not active users.
    Planning on buying support, is this the kind of question i would be answered if i am a paying customer?
    Thanks for any reply at all.


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