Help me, Wifi - Captive Portal

  • I'm doing with this network like this image

    VMWARE have Pfsense and AD

    I want to use captive portal for wan interface, to authen user in AD
    but, I have a problem: all user wifi go to internet by gateway

    Anyone can tell me how to route user wifi go to pfsense to authen user AD!
    Thanks all!

  • 1 -Maybe there's a better way of doing it but a easy way out would be to set as being the default gateway for Wi-Fi clients…
    2 - Also you could define another VLAN lets say vlan 100 on the switch setup a native port on vlan 100 connect the LinkSys to it, define a Q tag for vlan 100 on PfSense switch port, create vlan 100 on the PfSense and Q Tag vlan 100 to the same port you have going to the switch, create a DHCP scope for WiFi users on the PfSense.
    Hope that helps.
    3 - If switch can't support VLAN's put another NIC on PfSense and assign WiFi interface to it, connect LinkSys to that port.

  • Many thanks to @ar4uall

    1. I set Pfsense as the gateway for wi-fi clients, it still have problems

    • if captive portal set on WAN interface, then all wi-fi clients cannot access internet

    • if I set Captive portal on Vlan Wi-fi (talk later), then nothing happens, clients can access internet

    2. The network is real in my company, and I'm testing pfsense.
    The network have Vlan 111 for wi-fi, and others vlan for office. I can't access the multilayer switch and router…

    3. My PC doesn't have PCI slot, so I can't plug in NIC :(

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