Auto restart on SIGTERM possible?

  • Hi,

    I was looking for a solution for quite some time but was unsuccessful.
    My problem is that from time to time my vpn provider has temporary issues which will cause a reconnect followed by an AUTH_FAILED with a SIGTERM.

    When that happens pfsense doesn't start the daemon again which is very annoying :D
    I understand that this shouldn't be default behaviour, but is there any possibility to change that?
    If not by config then is there a script responsible for starting the daemon I could change putting code into an infinite loop that repeats unless the tunnel was disabled by config?

    I suddenly notice that I have no internet access, need to connect to my pfsense box and start the openvpn daemon again.
    It would be great if that could be avoided.

    Thank you very much!

  • if openvpn stops//dies/is not running anymore you could check out "Service Watchdog" package. it's available under system->packages and can monitor any service

  • Thanks heper!
    I'll try that.

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