• Hi everybody,

    I am testing this configuration:

    OpenLDAP –-- PFSense+OpenVPN

    I have configured external OpenLDAP in User Manager and it binds correctly and I get successful in Authentication test:
    User: XXXX authenticated successfully.
    This user is a member of these groups:

    With wrong user/pass it says Authentication failed.

    Then I configure OpenVPN very straightforward, in User Auth mode, no certs, using OpenLDAP and Local Database for authentication (I created one local user for debugging purposes only). Summary:

    User Auth [LDAP, LOCAL]
    1194 UDP
    No TLS
    AES 128

    Then, trying to connect with local pfsense user I can connect but with LDAP user I get

    AUTH: Received control message: AUTH_FAILED
    SIGUSR1[soft,auth-failure] received, process restarting

    And in Logs

    pfSense openvpn: server1.php: ERROR! Could not bind to server LDAP (Can't contact LDAP server).
    pfSense openvpn: server1.php: ERROR! Could not bind to server LDAP.
    pfSense openvpn: user 'XXXXXX' could not authenticate.

    What is annoying because it can bind with Diagnostic->Authentication… It says user correct or incorrect at least

    Any idea?

    Thank you very much

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