Rule ID column not populated in firewall rules page

  • I am running 2.1 RELEASE, upgraded from beta using the 4G nanobsd image.  I have not had any other issues with the gui and I have uninstalled the pfBlocker package in an attempt to remove components that may alter the state of the firewall UI.

    When I select Firewall -> Rules from the UI I get a table with the list of rules I expect, except that the ID column for every rule on every interface plus floating rules is empty.  Is this expected?  Is this something left over from my beta installation?

    Thanks in advance.

  • No that you mention it, and I have actually let my brain process it, I notice that all my Firewall-Rules displays on multiple interfaces and multiple pfSense have an empty ID column. So it is normal behaviour.
    But I wonder why the ID column is there, using up screen space?

  • I was told by someone I know who also uses pfSense that this field was, in fact, populated on earlier versions.  I do not recall myself, but I was an early adopter of 2.1 beta and have experienced a number of common bugs that I resolved by re-installing old packages.

    I'm not familiar enough with pf to know how to associate the rule I see in the pf logs to a rule I created in the GUI so seeing the rule in the GUI seems like a really attractive feature.

  • When you display the Firewall Log in the GUI, on Settings you can select an option for Filter Descriptions - then the GUI log display shows you the rule that caused the log entry.

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    So there really is not use of this column?  And it can just be removed for cleaner look?

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    AFAIR it was added at one point to correspond to the rule IDs linking NAT Port Forward and firewall rule entries. Really it's largely unnecessary. I have never seen anything in the column and it's just a waste of space at the moment.

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