Central Montoring to Multisite VPN using PFSense

  • Hi,

    I just want to ask if we can implement the following:

    *******PfSense (Site 1 to Main Office VPN client)
    (Main Office PfSence - vpn server)***********PfSense (Site 2 to Main Office VPN client)
                                                                *******PfSense (Site 3 to Main Office VPN client)

    Basically, i want to implement site to multiple sites vpn.

    Is is possible?


  • Yes, you can use a single site-to-site OpenVPN server with Certificates, have multiple site-to-site OpenVPN clients connecting in and use Client-specific-overrides to tell the server which remote office subnets are reached down which client.
    Or you can make 3 separate servers at main office using pre-shared keys, listening on 3 different ports.
    If you only have a couple of remote offices then it can be easier to use the pre-shared keys method and have a few servers, rather than bothering to make the certificate authority, certificates,…

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