2 xbox's behind pfSense 2.1 How-to

  • After much trial and error I have finally solved the mystery of how to get two xbox 360's to work behind one pfSense box with both xbox's having fully open connections with no nat warnings or errors when trying to do online activities.  Upnp must be enabled, and you must have rules in place that allow multicast traffic on the lan subnet (credit goes to databeestsje's post).  I went through many posts with suggestions and tried many things but of course the last one I tried was the one that worked.  Don't mess with the static NAT stuff, it works for one xbox but does not work for multiple boxes.  Also if you do what I am about to describe you won't need static NAT rules at all for even a single xbox.  Also I have both xbox's MAC addresses in DHCP with static IP reservations.  I'm not sure if it matters but I figured I would mention it.

    Just create the following rules…

    Go to "firewall" tab at the top, then click on "rules" in the drop down menu, then on the next screen click on the "Lan" tab.  Click the + sign on the bottom right of the list to add new rule.

    Leave everything default except the following...

    In the "source" section set it to "LAN subnet".

    In the Destination section set it to "Network" and in the address box put in and then after the / you want the number in the drop down menu to be 8.

    Click save

    Then make another rule exactly the same only in the address box put in

    Just wanted to get this posted for reference to save the next guy trying to get this to work some time.

  • Hey, this is what I am trying to do. I can not get it to work for the life of me. I have tried your option here, I have tried all options in the sticky at the top of the forum. Its very possible I may have done something wrong. Those pictures seem to be from a older version of pfsense.

    First it started out with NAT type strict on living room xbox. Bedroom box had yet been turned on. I enabled upnp and it solved the problem for a day. Then the living room xbox starts complaining about Strict NAT.  I go into the bedroom and that Box is working Just fine.

    I rebooted the living room box a few times, disabled and re enabled upnp….Nothing worked. The living room xbox just would not work with upnp and the bedroom box worked 100% of the time.

    I ended up Disabling upnp, shutting both boxes off and then clearing all firewall states....rebooted pfsense, re enabled upnp and WALA...Both XBoxes work just fine with UPNP, NAT type "open"..... this lasted 2 days.

    Always the living room Xbox is having an issue. The bedroom one works 100% of the time.

    Could this issue be pfsense itself? Im running the latest 2.1

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