Web browsers cash the blocking message for blocked webpages

  • Hello,
    I am experimenting squid + squid guard, but I am having a problem, if i block a website, it get's blocked and that's wonderful, but when I allow it again, Google chrome still shows that it's blocked, IE sometimes do this, even if i am on a different gateway not pfsense), so I have to delete all browser history to avoid this, i am using the transparent proxy.

    is there a solution for this as i may replace my current firewall with pfsense.

    Thank you!

  • In some browsers it is possible to clear the cache for a single website. In IE you go to the website that was previously blocked and press F12 on your keyboard to open developer mode. The location of the option in dev mode differs depending on which version of IE you are running. Look for the options "Clear browser cache" and "clear cookies for domain".

    As for Chrome I'm not familiar with that browser but a little searching brought me here http://uplifted.net/programming/google-chrome-browser-trick-clear-your-cache-for-a-single-page-2/

    Since you're using squid as a caching web proxy anyway disabling cache in the browser shouldn't be an issue. Just be sure to to monitor pfSense as there could be a performance hit depending on how many users you are serving.

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