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  • I have configured my pfSense with static IPs ( 192.168.53.x) for my LAN for easier monitoring of users that want to abuse the internet. I have configured a small Linksys wireless router with DHCP enabled to give addresses in the range 192.168.1.x. When I go go my Proxy report under the status tab, the 192.168.1.x addresses do not show. Right now I am using my Laptop and I am on wireless and it is on DHCP and the preferred address if I do an IP config is the 192.168.1.x range but I have been downloading a lot of files today and I know I should top the list for downloads so I checked and saw that there is no 192.168.1.x address but a 192.168.53.x and looking at the sites visited its me from the laptop. My question is: Does pfSense have an inbuilt translator to translate from the 1.x to the 53.x? No wonder I have not been able to catch some of the users who have been abusing the net. Anyone out there know what is going on?

    Much appreciation for ANY help!

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    Yeah your double natting.. your using your linksys as a nat router and your 192.168.53.x network is just the internet to it.  So as its clients on 192.168.1.x talk to it as its gateway it nats it to your 53.x network just like it would of natted to your public internet.

    If you want to track IPs of who goes where, then just use linksys as accesspoint.  Turn of its dhcp server, change its lan IP to be on your 53 network so you can access its web gui and connect it to your network via one of its lan ports vs its wan port.

    Now your wireless clients will get a 53.x address from your pfsense dhcp server and use pfsense as the gateway.  So you will see what 53.x address is using the most traffic, etc.

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