Wireless mesh and channels

  • In a wireless (olsr) mesh network, do all of the wireless nodes need to be set to the same channel? or, do the nodes receive on any channel and broadcast on their set channel?
    Thanks, -pc

  • Not sure on that one, but I would estimate that the backhaul network should be on the same channels..  Again, not really sure, I would search for this on one of the OLSR lists.

  • yess all the nodes have to be on 1 channel to get the olsr info
    but you can have olsr nodes with more then 1 wireless backbone card
    and put those on diferend channels
    olsr will then route between the 2 olsr networks

  • I am scraping to get all the equipment here going to test this, but I am struggling.

    When OLSR is running everything happens transparently to the client in question, correct?  I am still trying to wrap my brain around the original request for a GUI and why a VPN is necessary.

  • yess clients don't now that olsr is used
    it just a routing protocol
    i tink i now way he wants vpn

    he runs pfsense only on the servers that are conected to the internet and wants a way to chance thing if a server lost its internet conection
    the rest is running linux i think
    he was using osfp on tose and wants to continue that
    if you run vpn links between the pfsense servers and use olsrd on the vpn links
    then when pfsense server 1 lost internet the trafic will be routed somewere else by olsr trou the vpn links
    with out chancing osfp on the inside network

  • I had a chat with our Network Administrator; he said I should remove mention of "VPN" from our bounty.  As for aldo's bounty, it would be nice to use the olsr mesh to draw upon another internet connection automatically when ours goes down (doesn't matter if the solution involves vpn or not).  If you need more testing equipment for the olsr mesh, I could go ahead and donate a complete wrap system with two wireless minipci cards.  Just let me know where to send it…  -pc

  • Thanks for the clarification.  I'll be adding some more bells and whistles soon to the OLSR package.

  • is this the right subforum ???
    olsr is a routing protocol
    so must this not be under routing instad of wireless ???

  • read the topic: "wireless mesh and channels". If this is not related to wireless I don't know  ;D

  • Wow.  I had no idea you guys were working on mesh incorporation into pfSense until just now.  Good job guys!

    I've been set back about 3-4 months on doing mesh here, but it'll be forthcoming.  Hopefully I can contribute on this front as well.  There have been some very interesting developments coming out of cuwireless.net, but I don't recall which of the mesh protocols they've been using, but I DO know they've been tweaking the routing protocol itself and have a city-wide mesh going already.  I'll need to bookmark this thread and come back to it later after I've had a chance to speak with Sascha over there a bit further.