How can I reset login page to default

  • If I want to go back to the default PFSense captive portal login, how can I clear my custom uploaded one?

  • I am not sure but try this
    1-disable captive portal
    2-delete captiveportal.html, captiveportal_error.html and captiveportal-logout.html files in "/var/etc" folder (you can use winscp over ssh)
    3-enable captive portal

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Your custom pages are stored in config.xml. There isn't an easy way to remove them in the current release version, you'd have to backup the config, edit them out, and then restore the config.

    On 2.2 there will be a button to click that will allow you to reset the portal html pages.

  • another idea:

    the default login page layout is stored at the begining of "/etc/inc/" file

    copy your captiveportal.html file to your desktop, change contents with the ones you get from the file mentioned above

    load this page via captiveportal menu

  • Another Idea

    1 - Edit the new file .html with name  captiveportal_cpzone.html

    2 - Stop de Service CaptivePortal

    3 - Sign  in Server Pfsense with WinSCP or Putty (shell line access, Option 8)

    4 - Go to Directory /var /etc , delete the old files .html and add your new files (Directory Content Files HTML)

    5 - Go to Directory /usr /local /captiveportal and delete file .jpg and add your new file .jpg (this directory storage files .jpg)

    6 - Start the Service CaptivePortal


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