2 wireless nics with dhcp on 2 subnets?

  • Hello All,
    Running pfSense at home.  Want one network for the wife and myself and another for my kid and guests.  What I'd like to do is put two wireless nics in my pfSense box on different subnets.  Lets say and  I want dhcp running on both nics and each to act as an access point with its own SSID.

    1.  Is this possible?
    2.  As I switch my laptop wireless card between each SSID, will it automatically adjust the IP address to pick up the proper dhcp lease?
    3.  In the pfSense wireless nic settings, I have the option of leaving the gateway for the wireless nic set to 'none'.  I assume that's appropriate as the nic is actually the gateway for wireless devices that will be connecting to it?

    Thanks for any help/advise,

  • Well, I answered my own questions even though I went about it differently.

    Was having trouble with an error message with wireless nics, something about the beacon not responding properly.  After a search, I found that there's a fix but it was too much of a hassle for me.  So instead I added a TPLINK wireless router to the network that  I had lying about.  Smae results.
    Answers to my questions are

    1.  Yes
    2.  Yes, a new ip address from the appropriate dhcp scope is leased
    3.  You only need ot enter the gateway address if it's different then the address of the pfsense machine