PS4 Remote Play

  • Does anyone have PS4 Remote Play on a Vita working?  I've been fiddling with this for 2 weeks now and can't get past "Checking the connection environment…".  The PS4 powers on but the connection just won't go through.

    UPnP is mapping TCP 9295 & UDP 9296, 9297, and 9308.  Outbound NAT is set to use static ports for the IP of my PS4.

    A packet capture on LAN for 9295 shows that the traffic is making it through but I'm not seeing any packets on 9296, 9297, or 9308 on WAN or LAN.

  • Have you tried assigning Static Ports to the Vita's IP AND the PS4 in Advanced Outbound NAT?

  • Yes.  I had already done that.

    I finally got it working but not with uPnP.  It's seems like it isn't opening all the necessary ports or something.  If I do a manual port forward on TCP/UDP for 9295-9304 then it works.

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