OpenVPN with IPSec Tunneling

  • I have a few servers running in my home network and IPSec connection to my friend's house. He also have a few server in his house. When I'm away, I used OpenVPN to connect to my home network and to access my servers. My problem is I cannot access my friend's server while 'm using OpenVPN . If I'm used LAN at my home, (IPSec connection to my friend's house) I can access his server's without any issue. What configuration that need to be done to get OpenVPN working well with IPSec tunnel?

    Please help me.

  • Look at this post -,70683.0.html - it is a very similar thing.
    In your OpenVPN server you need to add the friend's subnet(s) in Local Network/s, then the OpenVPN client will be told that the OpenVPN is a route to those places. On your friend's system you will also need to tell it that the IPsec VPN back to your house is also a route to your OpenVPN tunnel subnet. And add rule(s) on the relevant interfaces to allow the traffic.