Pfsense w/torguard VPN how to bypass 1 Lan address for xbox

  • Hi,

    With a little assistance from tech support, I was able to follow,29944.0.html to connect my pfsense box to Torguard.  It is working great and my speeds are respectable even behind the VPN.  My issue now is to do with my XBOX connection.  I had some lag and decided it would be best to route its traffic around the VPN. 
    So far I have created a rule in Firewall-> Rules ->Lan tab: IPv4 * * * wan none. 
    Next I created a rule in Firewall -> Nat ->outbound tab: Wan * * * Wan address * YES
    and I have enabled uPNP for

    Now the kicker is that when I test my XBL connection, it returns as Good.  I get "good" connection in game lobby's indicating I successfully routed around the VPN, however I am unable to join/invite people to party chat, and I some times have issues established connections with other players.

    I've been trying for countless hours to figure out where/why it won't work.

    Please help.  I may need lots.


  • Hi,

    i can't help you with your problem sorry, but i would like to ask you if you can share details about how you get TorGuard to work with pfsense beside that StrongVPN Tutorial.

    I'm sure there are also other People who are interested in this.


  • It seems as though my issue is resolved.  I did a power cycle on my switch in my media closet and suddenly I was able to connect as required.

    As far as Torguard setup, T5000 are you attempting to do so, or is this a general inquiry?

  • I would like to give it a try. Currently i run TorGuard with dd-wrt on an old router.