Vmware Pfsense with Two Hosts

  • Hi guys! Happy new year!!

    Just a quick query for some of your gurus out there!

    I have Pfsense Visualized on vmware! Works perfect!

    I got a VM Machine attached and its routes out via the pfsense box, it works fine, gets out to the internet fine.
    If i then Vmotion it to another host where the pfsense doesnt exist, the VM does route out to the internet..

    Can someone point me in the right directionas to what i am doing wrong? Iv tried creating a distributed switch and that doesnt seem to do the trick?

    Cheers guys!

  • These are my hosts. If i moved AAWebhost to Host 2 Pfsense cant ping it anymore. What am i doing wrong?

    Works just fine if the Webserver is on the same host as pfsense.

  • Netgate Administrator

    I assume in your first post you mean that when you move the VM it doesn't route out?

    Check the basics. How are you assigning the IPs? Is the VM receiving those credentials in the new location?


  • Cheers nice one! Appreciate your response! As always! Maybe one day ill be good as you. I slept on it and woke with a brain wave that worked. It was actually my Layer 2 switch causing the issues with vlans. The Default Vlan "1" all ports were not configured. So i just set the Vmware nics in untagged in 1 vlan and bingo! Job done

    If anyone gets stuck give me a shout! I got there in the end! I recommend sleep! and then go back to it.

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