Captive Portal taking over ALL interfaces? DHCP stops working too.

  • Hi all,

    I have multiple interfaces:

    LAN (Default VLAN 01)
    WiFi  VLAN 100
    WAN 2

    If I enable the captive portal on the WiFi Zone only, pfSense seems to "enable" it across all of my interfaces (LAN and WiFi). My clients on LAN/WiFi cannot obtain a DHCP request. Interestingly if I select my LAN zone, the captive portal works as expected, page is displayed to user.

    Is this the expected behaviour? I thought it is only supposed to be enabled for a specific interface (VLAN in my case).


  • Hello Everyone,

    Looks like the captive portal wasn't running correctly. Couple things were fishy:

    1. Captive Portal Service was not displayed anywhere in pfsense (menu item was present in the toolbar drop down, but the service was not listed on the services page or on the main dashboard).
    2. The strange behaviour with the captive portal taking over all interfaces.

    I deleted my captive portal, rebooted the system, re-added the portal, now things seem to be running fine.

  • Same thing happened to me but my LAN was em0 and my WiFi was em0_vlan10. My fix was the create a vlan for the LAN and then add the LAN interface to that vlan so my LAN was em0_vlan5 and my WiFi was em0_vlan10. Everything is working correctly now. I'm glad your problem is solved I thought I should just throw this out there just incase some one reads this post later on.

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