Put server itself under pfsense VM

  • Hi, I have a little itx server with two ethernet ports, Debian O.S. and VirtualBox with pfSense inside. Naturally I'm using an ethernet port for WAN (connected to router that take static IP from ISP) and another for LAN (dhcp released by pfSense for hosts). I would want to put the server under pfSense VM so all traffic will be conveyed through the firewall. For example, I want to install http service on the server and I want that it will be under the firewall.
    Is that possible or I have to create a new VM with http service bridged with LAN interface?  ::)
    Thanks in advance

  • so keep your WAN of pfsense bridged to the NIC that is connected to your ISP

    but then create an internal vSwitch that is bonded to your secondary NIC

    then point your LAN interface of pfsense to that vSwitch

    then also point your webserver VM to that same internal vSwitch

    and that will put your server "under" or "behind" the virtual firewall as well as other devices on your physical network if you plug that secondary NIC into your internal physical switch