Pfsense 2.1 : traffic don't go through from tunnel

  • Hi

    I want to connect two pfsense with open vpn peer to peer together
    I set open vpn settings on two side of pfsenses and tunnel is up succesfully  but no any traffic don't go through from tunnel.

    Can any help me to resolve this problem?

    Thanks for all.

  • Post details of what you have done so far - Subnets at either end, tunnel network, OpenVPN settings (specially Local Network(s) and Remote Network(s) entries), firewall rules on OpenVPN and any LAN or other rules that use gateways/gateway groups.

  • these pictures is my open vpn setting of two side
    open vpn correctly run and the tunnel is up

    rules is ney -> any on wan, lan and Ovpn :D
    outbound nat is allowed for interface wan

  • You have to put the subnet at the other end in IPv4 Remote Network/s field on both server and client - then it will make a route across the OpenVPN tunnel to the subnet at the other end.

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