LANs don't talk to each other

  • I have the following setup

    <modem>–- (WAN) <pfsense>(LAN)  --- (subnet 8 port switch
                                              (LAN1) --- (subnet Wireless Accesspoint

    How do I setup the rules so LAN and LAN1 can share files via \Wireless-computerIP or \Wireless-computerNAME or even can I get Microsoft Workgroup to see them?</pfsense></modem>

  • are LAN and LAN1 two separate interfaces? If so, you just need firewall rules to allow the desired traffic.

  • Yes they are… What would they look like?


  • Anyone want to help me on these rules?

  • What rules do you have on the interfaces?

    MS workgroup is based on broadcasts and they wont get over a router.

  • With the default rule on both lan's it will work with \ip

    else try without accesspoint
    post your rules on both lan

  • @NobleDell:

    Anyone want to help me on these rules?

    Post the rules you have tried to get working and we have something to work on

  • Hi! First of all, sorry about my english
    I have a question but quite the contrary:
    have a router, network built on vlans. How could block access from one vlan to other vlans?

  • So, to fix this issue I added a swtich and disabled the second LAN and it worked.  But I have decided that I want to split that traffic again.

    So there is my current setup.

    ISP <-> <pfsense>  <-> LAN <-> <-> (Windows Server 2003)
                                                                  <-> (Windows Vista Ultimate)
                                                                  <-> DHCP (XBMC)
                                                                  <-> DHCP (XBox 360)
                                                                  <->… DHCP (Windows XP)
                                <->LAN1 <-> <-> (Windows Vista Ultimate)
                                                                  <-> DHXP (Windows XP)
                                                                  <->DHCP (XBMC)
                                                                  <->DHCP (XBox 360)
                                                                  <->... DHCP (Windows XP)
                                <->WLAN0<-> <->... DHCP (Windows XP)

    I have setup default rules on the LAN interfaces to be able to access the WAN and setup default rules to setup traffic between the LANS. (See attached image)

    Now, I am able to do a \ from any place on any LAN and I am able to get to the Windows 2003 Server.  But if I am on LAN and try a \ I am unable to get to the other Windows Vista machine.  Basically I am only able to get to the server but I want to be able to to transfer files between all the lans.


  • Issue Resolved - Windows Firewall Issue

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