Custom Captive Portal Sites not uploading correctly

  • I recognized that my created and uploaded login- and error-site are not correctly uploaded. In fact the login site works, but if I misstype or use wrong credentials the error-site is not displayed. On my research why this happens I found following:

    Logged in by SSH and had a look at the HTML files in /var/etc

    First I just did a cat on the captiveportal_guest_zone.html and it's displayed correctly. But if I want to do a "less" it says the file may be a binary file!? Opening with vi I could see that "\xff\xfe^M^@" (without quotes) is somehow added in the first line and the rest is rather scrambled showing lots of "@". I had again a look at the "cat"-output and there are two strange special characters ▒▒

    After I deleted the files and recreated them with vi and just copy-paste the text from my editor, the sites are working till the next reboot.

    I created the two websites on Windows 7 with PSPad - may this be the problem? Never had any problems using scripts/files created with PSPad on other OS

    pfSense is the current-version 2.1

    Nevermind. Shame on me. Seems really to be a problem generated by PSPad.