Port forwarding using shell?

  • Hi,

    I've been looking in multiple places but can't seem to find anything. But is there a way to port forward using the Shell interface rather than the GUI?

    And also using a different port, so forwarding port 2222 for port 22 on machine

    Is there any help page that I can go to in order to find this information.

    Thanks for your help in advance

  • Anyone got any idea of this or if this is even possible?

  • So what you're trying to do is change firewall rules from the shell? If so, you can do that with the pfctl command.

  • thanks razzfazz,

    that is what i was looking for but i still don't understand how to add a firewall rule?

    I tired different commands but all seem to fail …

    So how would I do give access to port 22 on IP im thinking it's pfctl -t but can't specify port ...

    this is confusing lol