Pfsense openvpn client taking 3-4 mins to connect ?

  • Hi I have had my pfsense box running for 3 weeks now, all connections are working fine under my VPN.

    However I have noted a few strange things so figured to ask if its normal or not.

    It takes a good 3-4 minutes to successfully connect to the internet each time I switch on my PC. Pfsense openvpn status confirms it is already connected and bytes have been sent/received ok, but I still have to wait 3-4minutes before I can load a website, otherwise it indicates not connected error.

    Is this normal for pfsense openvpn client to take 3-4 minutes to fully connect ?

    Once its connected its golden…for even the whole day. If I switch off Pc then the next day I switch it back on the same process occurs I have to wait 3-4 minutes each time before a website loads.... if I restart the pc same applies also....

    So just wanted to know if its normal or not....

  • Fix was to use google or opendns DNS servers instead :)