PfSense Book/Tutorial (Portuguese)

  • Hello Guys, I wrote something (I do not know if I can call it a book) in portuguese about pfSense 2.x to help a few students and friends as well. So, feel free to send to your friends and so on. If you have any question or comment go ahead and send so I can improve it.

    Download: Using this link 2.x - Leonardo Damasceno.pdf

  • Hi,

    Obviously I do not know what the content says, but if this is your own independent creation (as opposed to copying materials from the pfSense books published by ESF) then your book is probably not a problem.

    You should, however, use the registered mark symbol for pfSense (R), and attribute ownership of the mark to ESF:

    "pfSense® is a registered trademark owned by Electric Sheep Fencing LLC ("ESF") and may not be used without the prior written consent of ESF.  See for more information.

    If you are interested in helping translate "pfSense: the Definitive Guide" into portuguese, or helping other translation efforts around pfSense, please let me know.



  • Hello.

    Yes, I created this document and it's an independent creation. I'm going to change and update it so I will also add the mark as you said.

    About the translation, yes I do have interest to help. :)

  • If it will help, I can support with doing Arabic translation.