AT&T Uverse IPTV rules?

  • Today we got our uverse trial. After a bunch of configuring and cursing, I got the internet to work by making a 'dmzplus' to my pfsense wan  name

    However we do have 2 TV's going through the router. Connecting them to the 2wire router is just fine, except for mine.

    I'm in another room, I have a single cat5 wired through the attic to our router. I have a small 10meg hub I'm combining my computer and IPTV box into the line to the router (I know, I get collisions all the time and internet is ~2m slower then it should be - hopefully I'll get a 10/100 hub or switch soon). However, going through the MY router, it dosen't work (well internet does, TV dosen't). I went through some firewall logs and made a rule to let all igmp traffic through. Now it works…for a few seconds, then the stream stops. Going back through the logs there's a bunch of bootp requests, and UDP traffic, but I wasn't able to find a specific port. I might just let the traffic through the certain IP range that might be coming from AT&T but I'm not sure.

    anybody know the rules to let Uverse IPTV through?

    Here are my options:
    1. Find the rule(s) and let it go through my router
    2. Call AT&T back to re-do my coax line and let my TV box use that instead of cat5, but who knows when they can come out again.
    3. Stick with 2Wire from here on out, at least on my line

    thx in adv

  • ok, so I'm just using 2wire now. no more pfsense. oh well. I called AT&T and they told me they couldn't legally release me the information nesseccary to do this so oh well.

    but I have another question now, how would I basically turn my box into a large, wifi adapter? I tried forewarding all ports from my pci wifi adapter to a nic in the machine but it still won't work. Anyone?

    I do have my adapter configured as infra and it is getting a connection to 2wire

  • well thank you for all your replies (or lack thereof)

    I did get it somewhat working. Using wireless as wan and outbounding to the box, but like above with wired, the video stream stopped after a few seconds. I opened up all ports, same thing.

    I put the pfsense wireless adapter into dmz, and forewarded ALL ports to the lan nic. Now it didn't even begin to stream video. I don't know what to do. Anybody know of any cheap wireless adapters that use cat5? I know there's some 'gaming' ones on newegg, but those are pretty expensive

  • These posts are rather old but maybe still valid.,1381.0.html,4491.0/all.html

    If noone answers a thread then there's limited knowledge usually. Help improve!

  • even after looking at the Uverseusers board and asking there I still have not had a definite answer.

    Let me ask you this then, is there any way to combine these 2 interfaces into one logical interface?

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