How to enter entry-IP address in pfsense?

  • Hi I have been advised if I do not wish to use public DNS issues and to use my VPN providers DNS servers I need to add these into the entry ip settings under openvpn client.

    I don't see any options under openvpn client under pfsense though ?

  • Fevan,

    I believe this is what you are looking for, but if not, then hopefully it points you in a directly.

    When you goto Client Export in OpenVPN, at the top where it says "Host Name Resolution", it should say "Interface IP address", and allow you to select a few other options, like a Dynamic DNS host, or even "Other", which then will prompt for an option just below, allowing for a custom DNS entry or IP address.

    Hope that helps.


    PS: going back and re-reading this, I'm not sure thats what you're looking for. Sounds like you're looking for local DNS settings? And not the client export feature…. Sorry about that.

  • thanks for the reply chrisso

    Im still new to pfsense, but could not find client export option at all in openvpn section ?

    I clicked VPn>openvpn and see Server/Client/client overrides specifics/wizards options

    Can you mention where you found client export ?

    It is kinda what I need I am attempting to solve my host name resolution issue, since when I use my VPN providers DNS secure servers in order for those DNS servers to work it has to be connected to the VPN first, but my VPN cant connect unless it is able to get normal internet access first. Adding entry IPs should solve this…

  • Fevan,

    You'll need to download the package. If you go to System -> Packages, then under Available Packages, scroll down till you find "OpenVPN Client Export Utility". Install that, and then you should see "Client Export" under VPN -> OpenVPN.


  • Thanks installed it and had a look yeah I think your right its not quite what I am looking for….

    I think looking under pfsense there is a field called "IPv4 Tunnel Network" with option to add a dns entry I believe...also under Advanced box there is space to add extra commands, but not sure if these would work, id rather wait if others can perhaps verify this is where I somehow add entry ips ?

  • When you go to the server settings, or edit one thats already there, you can select the option below, and then enter in 4 DNS servers.


  • thx, having thought about it the entry ip address is already under client settings under Server host or address. Stands to reason its working otherwise it would never connect to it which I am.

    I think there must be a reason why many on here even the 2 vpn user guides are using non vpn dns servers and only using open nic or open dns servers…..

    Either way I will try as I was advised and use a single vpn dns and also an open dns server, and ill see over the next few days if this resolves my dns issue.

    Thanks for the advise much appreciated.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    So you want openvpn clients to use your vpn pfsense is connected to dns.

    So question..  Do you have your openvpn client setup to default all traffic through the openvpn connection.

    You hand it dns server, how do you route your pfsense lan or openvpn to use the vpn the pfsense sense is connected to?  You need to validate routing, etc.

    So in the dns list you hand your openvpn clients..  On the vpn client do a traceroute to the IP say - does it go through vpn and then through the vpn tunnel pfsense has with your vpn client?

    Why don't you just have your vpnclient use pfsense as dns - and pfsense would be setup to use your vpn dns.

    Not sure what guides your looking at - but my openvpn clients use pfsense, that way they can resolve my local hosts.  And if I am looking for something other than pfsense domain - then pfsense goes and asks the dns servers I have setup pfsense to use.  So if you have pfsense setup to use your vpn dns, that would be what openvpn clients using pfsense as dns would use as well via pfsense as their recursive resolver.

  • Hi johnpoz

    I was incorrect on this thread, you see I have issues with my pfsense openvpn client connected to Mullvad VPN provider, it connects successfully and I can see bytes and connection. But no internet access regardless of laptop or desktop etc.

    Strange thing is if I wait 3-4 minutes it kicks in… and internet then works, this is why I thought it maybe some DNS issue.

    If I disable openvpn client and just want normal internet that works straight away via my pfsense pc build...

    I tried different DNS addresses thinking it was VPN dns servers not working right so tried public ones like opendns but no joy same error.

    I checked the logs for errors and got some strange error which maybe related I posted a new thread here:,71434.0.html

    Since am very new to pfsense and only know the basics as you know its tricky  ! Any idea on this error ?

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