VMware fatal shutdown when I copy data across subnets

  • Not sure if a VMware issue or a pfSense issue. This just started happening today and I have no idea if it's a VMware issue, a hardware issue or a BSD issue.

    When I copy data from a vNAS server (2012r2) over to a vdesktop (windows 8.1) across subnets I get the following VMware error. If it's within the same subnet I'm fine. The only way I can reproduce it is if I copy across subnets so I posted here looking for a little help.

    Our Hyper-V migration can't come soon enough!! No changes here - We are running three other identical machines and don't get the errors or can't produce it on other machines. we tested the hardware - seems fine…

    Thanks for any help.

    VMware ESXi 5.5.0 [Releasebuild-1331820 x86_64]

    #PF Exception 14 in world 35432:vmx IP 0x41800ba10c57 addr 0x0


    cr0=0x80810031 cr2=0x0 cr3=0x168b16000 cr4=0x2768

    frame-0x4123a9alce80 ip=0x41800ba10c57 err=0 rflags=0x10216

    rax=0x0 rbx=0x77 rcx=0x2

    rdx=0x2 rbp=0x4123a9a1d328 rsi=0x0

    rdi=0x418882ddfa40 r8=0x0 r9=0x0

    r10=0x411175a0f000 r11=0x4 r12=0x41000f11cef4

    r13=0x1 r14=0x4123a9a1d238 r15=0x4123a9a1d28c

    *PCPU 0: vvuvvsvssvvsvvssshvsvsvisu

    code start: 0x41800b800000 vmk uptime : 0:00:06:07.981

    I can type out the rest. Not sure if it's needed. Just wondering what is going on. This has been running on the same box for about a year with no issues and then no changes (other than I introduced a set of dev/lab Linux machines and an older legacy XP machine to pull data from before we threw it out and wiped the drive.

    It's running BSD (pfSense) as a virtual firewall, Dell T5500 with Intel Xeon x5680 CPUs (two) and 72GB of Wintec ECC RAM (9x8gb sticks). LSI RAID card (8708em2), This was an NVIDIA NVS 290 or 295 video card, issue persists with or without video card (usually run headless). Three SSDs are plugged into the motherboard, all Patriot Torx brand, a 32gb for system cache, a 96gb for VM cache and a 512gb for VMs. There is a 7.2TB array off the LSI RAID CARD.

    Running latest dell (stable) BIOS which I believe is A19.

    So to cause this error and fatal shut down all I need to do is copy data (big data 3GB++) across the virtual bsd/pfSense firewall, all within the LAN. If I copy data from a Server 2012r2 (evaluation) over to a (virtual or local) W8.1 (evaluation) machine it will shut down and cause this error. This is totally out of the blue, not happening on the three other production machines with similar setups so we are stumped. Any help much appreciated.


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