Would like to say thank you

  • Hello

    i would like too say thank you for a great software.

    i been using it for many years i have no problem except for a problem with my ISP couple years ago and they made me thing my PfSense was the problem so i talked with my friend that lived in the same neighbourhood as me if he had any issues and stated clearly yes i have issues with internet drops now and then so i asked what kind of hardware he used.
    He said the ISP own hardware and he had been in contact with the ISP plenty of times with this issues so i decided i had todo something to make them understand since they clearly dont understand my language.
    So i simply sent failure report every single time the network dropped meaning they got 5 emails per day from me funny about this was they still did not get it and i asked some other that had the same ISP if they had any issues and yea they did too.
    Too me its clearly that ISP blame the thirdparty hardware when something is not working i no longer have them as ISP luckly :)

    Anyway im pretty sure i may have sworn or being real pain in the a** here on the forum somewhere im sorry.

    This my uptime: http://www.serviceuptime.com/users/uptimemonitoring.php?S=89e69d3d81cd3f590092241a3c9fedca&Id=2580 you can probobly guess what period i had that bad ISP.

    The network usage is about 300 - 700GB every month and still being stable

    Thank you very much for an awsome software

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