VDSL Modem access gives me pfsense login page

  • I'm new to pfsense, but I think I like it.

    I have a Q1000 VDSL modem set up in Tranparent Bridge mode,  the LAN side of the modem is the original
    My PFsense interfaces are; LAN VOICE WIRELESS CAMERAS

    All these interfaces also have a VLAN ID associated with them because I use a single 48 port managed gigabit switch for all 4 VLANS. All of this setup works fine.

    My problem is, when I follow these instructions


    I don't get the Q1000 modem web interface, I get the pfsense web interface on ip, I have tried several times with different IP setups and get the same result every time.

    I was told by someone to make sure that DHCP is enabled on the Q1000, but I don't think that is correct, it seems to automatically disable in Tranparent Bridge Mode.

    Anyone have any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?