Access to captive portal by wan

  • Hi All,

    I've implemented a captive portal with self registration and payment. This setup is located on location and now I want to see and change something on the CP.
    I have external access by WAN to the webConfigurator, the SSH and also pass port 8000 in the pfSense firewall.

    The pfSense server is behind a load balancer and the external ports are trigged in the load balancer to the pfSense server: Something like this:

    WAN 1 –> LB --> pfSense --> LAN(CP) --> --> -->

    But this doesn't seem to work.

    So when I go to my WAN IP from somewhere in the world: it is redirect to

    Does I need to setup a VPN or are there any other solutions?

    Thanks in advance for pointing me to the right direction.

  • Solved the problem by connecting the LAN by OpenVPN and checking the option  'Disable MAC filtering'

    Thank you