Dell 3G modem connectivity requires manual intervention - how to automate ppp?

  • Hi,

    I have a Dell 3G modem installed on my Alix-6f based pfsense router / firewall. In order to connect to the Internet (Telstra) I perform the following in the console :

    ppp (enters the ppp interactive shell)
        set device /dev/cuaU1
        term (enters the term shell, whatever that is)
        AT+CFUN=1 (enables the modem, I think)
        AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","telstra.wap" (sets an access point)
        AT*ENAP=1,1 (enables the access point)

    From that point on the link is up and I switch to another shell to assign an IP to the USB ethernet device (part of the 3G modem):

    dhclient ue0

    My question is how can I make pfsense automatically connect & reconnect on startup or on disconnect? I have tried configuring a PPP connection using the webconfigurator GUI but I haven't managed to get it working. I also tried setting up ue0 using PPPOE however it is not an authenticated connection! It could be something to do with the relationship between /dev/cuaU1 and the ethernet device ue0?

    I admit that I'm a n00b when it comes to ppp… ;)

    Any help appreciated