Firefox squashed menu overlap issue still exists

  • Came here and searched, found a thread mentioning a commit fix here:,10975.0.html

    I wanted to mention that I have had the same issue for quite some time in Firefox but not I.E.

    I just tried tweaking that setting higher on my fw but no such luck with most of the themes running over.
    Any other fixes people are aware of? drives me nuts because help appears right under system in many themes.

  • :-X I have same behaviour on my fresh installed ubuntu LTS 14 with updated firefox 32….meanwhile i have no such issue in firefox 32 build under my windows 7 x64 SP1 ultimate.....please we need some fixes or work around this problem. If you wish to help me (i have system patches pbi installed and can get to console to do with this mess with someone guide me in) write me a private message with possible links to solutions of this problem. Ty.

  • What helped me with Firefox is to got to Preferences menu (Linux "Edit", Windows "Extras") and change the sansserif font and/or the font size…

    Give it a try.

  • Or just install the Widescreen patch which you're going to want to do anyway.